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If you're curious where the inspiration for each GFR came from. Here it is :
:pokeball: Pokeman : Megaman Xs (best Megaman series), Megaman Zeros, Megaman Star Forces, Megaman ZXs.
:pokeball: Morpher : Bloody Roars (coolest fighting game), Angels & Demons Mythology, FFs, Xi you Ji, Dragon Balls.
:pokeball: Dragoon : Breath of Fires (IV is the best), Legend of Dragoon, Warriors Orochis, Dinasty Warriors.
:pokeball: CybugS : Transformers, Kamen Riders, Ultramans, Super Sentais, Gundams.
:pokeball: Exile : Iron Man, Marvel Universe, Spawn, Wild Arms 2, One Piece, Resident Evil



About Gijinka-FR

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 19, 2012, 12:16 PM

For Gijinka-FR Commission , you can see the details on ->…

From the makers of
After quite successful fierce remaking pokemons in Pokemon-FR , FR Brothers find a new idea.
We are now interested to make FR Pokemon Gijinkas too :D
(Note Gijinka (擬人化; Western term Humanization) is the Japanese meaning of "humanoid", "personification", or "anthropomorphic"[1].
Rather than referring to just any animal with human characteristics, a
gijinka is most often a fan re-design of an animal-like character in a
human or humanoid form. The characters often seem to wear a cosplay of
the base character rather than having real animal features, which can
also be found back in real life cosplay of those characters.

GIJINKA-FR (Gijinka Fatal Re-armed)

Logo - Gijinka FR by Gijinka-FR

There are 5 types of pokemon gijinka in Gijinka-FR World.

Logo Morpher by Gijinka-FR
1. Morpher
Most of FR Gijinkas are Morphers. Not only their appearances represent the power of the pokemons they got, but they can also morph into FR Pokemons. The Morphers have the most divisions. They are divided into 5 classes :
• Animas - Morphers of Animal Pokemon
• Humas - Morphers of Humanoid Pokemon
• Mystis - Morphers of Ghost Pokemon
• Vegetus - Morphers of Plant Pokemon
And the strongest of them all are
• Superiors - Morphers of Legendary Pokemon
There are also three secret class known only by few. This secret class was divided into two side. The Light Side & The Dark Side. The Light Side class are the Angelus. They are technically Avian (Bird) Animas but because of their holy power, they was classified as a different Morphers. All Angelus has golden angelic hair. For the Dark Side, the first one are Sin Demos, the 7 Deadly Sins Demon GFRs. The second one are Day Demos, the 7 Daybreakers Demon GFRs. They're more evil than Exiles, and more secretive in making moves. The members of Demos act on their own, unlike Exiles that act on groups.

Logo - Pokeman by Gijinka-FR
2. Pokeman
The Pokeman are gijinkas that have modified their pokemon's power into some kind of battle armour called Pokemor, so they don't need to transform or morph into pokemons to fully use their powers. They're divided into 3 ranks :
• Supreme - The strongest Pokemans, because the Pokemor they wore are from the Legendary Pokemons.
• Ultimate - The top class Pokemans. Their armors are unique and usually still follow closely to the shape of its respective Pokemon.
• Elite - The lowest rank Pokemans, but doesn't mean they are the weakest. They are  also the easiest to recognize, because their chest plate usually made with the shape of Pokemon's head.

Logo - Dragoon by Gijinka-FR
3. Dragoon
They hold the power of Dragon Pokemons & some of them have pokearmor like Pokemans, but they can also morph into FR pokemons like the Morphers. The power they got when they transformed are beyond limit, which made people believe that the Dragoons are the strongest Gijinkas. The Dragoons divide themselves into 2 tribes :
• Ancient Dragoons - Most of them are calm & wear more humanoid (fabric) clothes. Their amount is also much fewer than the Neos. But doesn't mean they are weaker.
• Neo Dragoons - Most of them are hungry for fights and looks scary. They are often mistaken as Pokemans because they are wearing Pokemors like the Pokemans. what make them different are Neo Dragoons can morph while Pokemans can't. Easier way to differ them are Neo Dragoons have tails while Pokemans not. (except Latias & Latios GFRs)

Logo - Cybugs by Gijinka-FR
4. CybugS
Technically, CybugS (Cyber Bug Soldiers) can't be counted as Gijinkas. Because they are "battle suits" made by humans with inspiration from the bug pokemons. They don't have powers from FR pokemons. CybugS weapons are human made which probably deadlier than the Gijinkas powers. The CybugS doesn't have classes or tribes. They are divided into Models.
• RU (Raider Unit)
The first CybugS unit made by Dr. Gubyc and Nyto Spark. They got the inspiration after a bug GFR save the city, CODE-GO or people call him Ultra GO. He is the first and the only Bug GFR that can transform. After seeing how he transform, they succesfully made a similar device called the "Henshin Belt". Since then, the goverment contracted both of them to mass production the RU CybugS.
Only a few months after the mass releases, many RU are killed by other GFRs mean that they are not strong enough. Nyto suggest to use stronger metals from pokemons, but Dr. Gubyc disagree. (more details on Rockman X9 bio here ->…) Nyto decide to separate with Dr. Gubyc to made his own project, while Dr. Gubyc stay with government to produce RU.
• PU (Prototype Unit)
With a full support from goverment, Dr. Gubyc start to develop a new suit that can compete with stronger GFRs. He made 3 units for test-run which is a total fail when all 3 of them sent to battlefield. But as a curious genius, Dr. Gubyc din't give up and continue his research deeply.
• AU (Assault Unit)
After know that Nyto Spark not working for government anymore, many evil organization approach him to made a deal with them. Nyto choose the one who have most influence throughout the world and promise to make an elite CybugS for them. After successful creating nine superior CybugS, he betray the organization and use his newly created CybugS to destroy it, while showing the massacre to the whole dark world. Announcing that anyone can use the service of his CybugS with correct price. Since then, AU can also mean Assassin Unit.
• CU (Cyber Unit)
Finally Dr Gubyc success to create the most advanced CybugS units. That's why he gave them name Cyber Unit to show that this is the strongest Cyber Bug Soldiers (CybugS).
He also made 9 of them after hear about Nyto's AU. All of them represent the colour of Rainbow, have different weapons and three of them are upgraded from PU. How to operate these magnificent suits are still secret. Even Nyto with his Rockman X9 in his Invincible Mode having difficulty to defeat Cyber Unit.
• UU (Ultra Unit)
The gigantic CybugS that save the city. CODE-GO a.k.a Ultra GO, the only one and the soldier of this CybugS are unknown as he always dissapear after his "job" is done.
Afterall, the only mass production units are RU. And almost all of bug pokemons represented in RU form, except the ones from AU, they don't have RU form because AU are built by Nyto, who dislike RU.

Logo - Exile by Gijinka-FR
5. Exile
As the name said, they are exiled gijinkas from other types. Not only because their power is unique & different, but also because they are outlaws, fugitives & wanteds. Then they formed a supervillains group with Exile as the group name. The group founded by DeaGia & Rockman X9 with DeaGia as the leader and R-X9 as the weapon maker. They plan to take destroy humaninty because the humans always look Gijinka as some kind of dangerous mutants thus make other GFR types admit & respect that Exile is the strongest GFRs ever exist.

The world are divided into 5 continents that ruled by the World Leaders (Contain Supreme Rank Pokemans, Dragoons & Superior Morphers).
The continents are Modnigk, Drayknuj, Roburah, Ancrytaus, Piatou & Naeco
More details will be added later after more FR Gijinkas was found :D

There's only one gijinka from one pokemon, because FR Gijinkas can be called "mutant" that got power from the pokemons and not all humans can obtain that power. So their genders is fixed. CybugS are the only exception, because CybugS are human made, so there're mass production CybugS.

  • Listening to: AAA & M.O.V.E, Super Eurobeat
  • Watching: Transformers DOTM & THe Avengers
  • Playing: PSX, PC, NDS


FR Brothers
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I hope I will be able to imitate your style closely enough that my work can be considered a FR. However, I mainly work with paper and pencils, so if anyone could give me pointers to enhance my work through digital tools, I would be very grateful. Background references would be nice too...

Anywhere you are, please, don't take my attempt badly. I used to - still am - a massive fan of yours. I made several lists and references for the Cybugs, Dragoons and Exiles and will carry on with them to the best of my skills. Some of my drawings can be seen in my gallery for reference.

Best of luck, wherever you are.

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